We Are Here To Serve You

Our facility is equipped to handle the most complex surgical cases and provides the safest environment for patients to have surgery. We have developed a comfortable, peaceful environment for a safe and easy surgical process. We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art equipment and friendly, professional staff who are committed to treating each patient as family. Each member of our team works together to make the surgical process as easy as possible for you: guiding you through each step, from your initial consultation to post-operative care.

We have conveniently located parking for patients and physicians.

Why Choose Avalon?

We have a one-to-one RN to patient ratio, our Physician Anesthesiologists are board-certified, and patients constantly tell us that they love coming here because of the warm, family atmosphere and special attention they are given. Our surgeons are compassionate and committed to each of their patients.

Our Physicians

Although they are experts in their field and have been called upon to serve in leadership and teaching positions at top medical schools, their primary focus remains patient care. Avalon’s specialists are professional, confident surgeons who partner with patients on their journey to a healthy life. They are compassionate, kind, caring and will take time to talk to patients about their condition in order to find the best possible treatment. Their mission is to provide patients with a safe and comfortable environment and get a full patient history to provide the most accurate and effective treatment options for each individual patient. Their specialists take a conservative approach to treatment, and only recommend surgery after other treatments have been attempted.  Their bedside manner is like no other.


Ensures pre-op information is accurate and complete to make sure the surgical process is as easy as possible. They have countless hours of procedure experience to anticipate the surgeon’s needs. They maintain the highest level of training to execute efficient, streamlined procedures and they always provide the most attentive post-op care.

All our anesthesiologists are Board Certified Physician Anesthesiologists to ensure the safest surgical procedure. During every procedure, there is one dedicated Physician Anesthesiologist per case, compared to other hospitals where there is only one Anesthesiologist managing the Nurse Anesthetists during multiple surgeries.”

Silva Moradi, CEO

Benefits of an
Outpatient Surgery Center

  • Extremely clean and modern facility
  • All our anesthesiologists are physician anesthesiologists with 14 years of education and over 16,000 hours of training to provide the safest environment for our patients.
  • Minimal wait times
  • Less than 1% infection rate. Standard hospitals are between 10-15%.