We Are Here To Serve You


Please arrive one hour before your scheduled surgery to fill out any additional paperwork that may be needed. Please be sure to bring a photo ID and your insurance card if applicable.


Arrange for an adult to drive you home. You are not allowed to drive after your procedure.


Free parking is available in the parking structure adjacent to the surgery center.


Please follow your physician’s instructions about whether or not you can eat or drink before your surgery.


If you are taking any medications, you will be provided with instructions for the medication requirements by your physician.


Please remove all jewelry and leave any valuable items at home. They will not be needed and we can not be responsible for holding onto them.


Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing. Avoid wearing any body lotion or make-up. Also, leave contact lenses at home or bring a lens case with you.

We welcome all patients and their family members to take a tour of our facility prior to any dates of surgery.

Our goal is to implement excellent treatment and create a family environment for all our patients. We provide high quality service and care, and we strive to improve our procedures to remain on the cutting edge of surgical treatment.