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Our goal is for our patients to have continuity of care during the critical period and to have the support needed while their life is being transformed after their weight loss treatment.

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Hemorrhoids are not a frequently discussed topic, and is more common than many people think. Most people are frightened by the thought of surgery and just tolerate the pain.

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Hernia surgery at avalon surgery center glendale california


Hernias are bulges of fat, muscle or tissue which tear through the muscle tissue of the abdominal wall resulting from straining/heavy lifting, coughing, or when suffering from constipation.

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Orthopaedic surgery or orthopaedics (sometimes spelled orthopedic surgery and orthopedics) is the branch of surgery concerned with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system.

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Meet Our Medical Director,
Howard S. Kaufman, MD

howard kaufman, md

Doctor Howard Kaufman has passionately pursued efforts to reduce the effects of surgical trauma on his patients throughout his career. Through the early adoption of new technologies, advancements in multidisciplinary care, and leadership positions in patient safety and quality initiatives he was able to achieve this goal.

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Avalon is a state-of-the-art surgery center in the heart of Glendale, CA.

We specialize in a variety of procedures in outpatient surgery including the new and revolutionary bariatric program!
Our Specialties
The specialty physicians at Avalon Surgery center are selected for their excellence in medicine. Our award winning physicians are ready to guide you through a journey to a better and healthier you.

The mission at Avalon Surgery Center is to treat each patient with the outmost respect and excellence in medicine. The experience each patient gets is incomparable and it is in order to provide the best care.

Our surgical staff, physicians and equipment at the Avalon Surgery Center are top of the line. We’ve spared no expense in order to accommodate each patient surgical procedure and expect the best outcome.
Can’t say enough good things about Avalon Surgery Center. The staff is great and we would like to thank the doctors and nurses. Excellent experience!
Very organized center with a great staff. Very good communication skills! Extra kudos to Melanie and Cheyenne!
The staff was outstanding during my visit. Everyone was helpful, professional, friendly, and respectful. I would recommend this facility.

We’re just south of the I-5 and 134 FWY Interchange!

avalon surgery center glendale california