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Surgery Pricing Avalon Surgery Center

High Quality Care • Affordable Pricing • Comprehensive Risk Management

Avalon Surgery Center Now Offers:

  • Protection from complication related medical bills.
  • One, risk-protected all-inclusive price for procedure.
  • Remove financial volatility.
  • Reduce stop loss exposure.
  • Ensure access to quality providers.

Select the body part below to see available procedures and pricing:

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Cardiac AICD Generator Only Install, Removal AICD System


Cardiac Pacemaker Install, Loop Recorder install, Single or Dual lead


Uappp Palattropharynolpasty, Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, Uvulopharynboplasty, With Or Without Tonsillectomy


Total Thyroidectomy


Sinus Endoscopy-Bilateral


Sinus Endoscopy


Para Thyroidectomy


Para Thyroidectomy










Fistulectomy/ Fistulotomy

Pilondial Cyst

Removal of Anal Leisons


Chemodenervation Pelvic Floor

Chemodenervation IAS

Hemorrhoid Repair


Partial Mastectomy


Onocoplastic Partial Mastectomy






Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy


Hernia Repair-Bi-Lateral


Hernia Repair


Hernia Hiatal


Gastric Sleeve


Endovenous Radiofrequency ablation



With insertion of indwelling ureteral stent, or with treatment of intra-renal stricture:


Breast Reconstruction


Wrist Fracture Repair, Scaphoid Fracture Repair, Open Reduction Internal Fixation Distal Radius Repair, Severe Finger Laceration (Nerve or Tendon) Repair


Vertbroplasty/Vertebral Augmentation (Kyphoplasty)-B(MULTI) Level


Total Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty-B(MULTI)


Total Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty-B(MULTI)


Total Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty-A(SINGLE)


Total Cervical Disc Arthroplasty-B(MULTI)


Total Cervical Disc Arthroplasty-A(SINGLE)


Toe Repair Reconstruction with or without Sesmoidectomy, Simple or Double Osteotomy, Resection of Joint with or without Tendon Transplant, Fusion or Arthrodesis, Toe Fracture Repair with Fixation


Thumb or Finger Arthroplasty, Tendon, Transfer or other Major Reconstruction


Spinal Cord Stimulator (Scs Or Neuro Stim)- Trial


Spinal Cord Stimulator (Scs Or Neuro Stim)- Permanent


Shoulder Total


Shoulder Repair Revision And/or Reconstruction


Shoulder Repair Open


Posterior Lumbar-B(MULTI)

$30, 230*

ORIF Distal Radial Intra-Articular Fracture, Clavicle


Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) Finger Fracture


MPFL and/or MCL Reconstruction


Metatarsal Osteotomy with or without Lengthening


Median and Ulnar Repair


Laminectomy/Laminotomy (multi)


Knee Replacement-Uni-compartmental


Knee Reconstruction-ACL/PCL


Knee Meniscectomy/Knee Surgery


Knee Arthroplasty-Total


Hip Replacement Total, Conversion Or Revision


Hip Arthroscopy With Femoroplasty, Acetabuloplasty Or Labral Repair


Hip Arthroscopy


Hammertoe Reconstruction with or without Fusion


Hammertoe Reconstruction with or without Fusion


Fracture Care


Excision or Resection of Bone Spurs, Ganglion or Mucoid Cysts


Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel


Calcaneus or Talus Osteotomy with or without Plantar Fascia release






Amputation or Fusion any part of Hand with or without Pedicle Flaps, Contracture Repairs with or without Fasciotomy or Fasciectomy


Achilles Tendon Repair


Posterior Lumbar-A(SINGLE)


Lumbar/Cervical Laminectomy/Laminotomy- B(MULTI)


Lumbar/Cervical Laminectomy/Laminotomy (Could Include Revision, Facetectomy & Foraminotomy)-A(SINGLE)


Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF)- B(MULTI)


Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF)- A(SINGLE)


Anterior Cervical Discectomy-(SINGLE) Interspace


Anterior Cervical Discectomy- (MULTI) Interspace


Vaginal Hysterectomy


Total Vaginal Repair


Total Abdominal Hysterectomy


Mini Laparotomy




Endometrial Ablation


Avalon knows there’s so much more to surgery than what happens on the operating room table. That’s why we ensure surgeons who choose Avalon have everything they need to perform their best work, whether that’s top-of-the-line OR equipment or a place to rest and plan between procedures. Check out our facility or schedule a visit to learn more about how Avalon can help you do your best work.

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At Avalon, you can concentrate on getting ready for surgery and recovery and let us handle the rest. Our staff can help your patients at each stage of your surgery journey and give you the best chance to achieve positive surgical outcomes. Partnering with Avalon Surgery Center gives you the best chance for surgical success by putting patients first.

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